Well, the flakes are still falling here in Cincinnati. I went into the Possetorium for a while this morning but got out pretty quickly as things were becoming icy and I don’t think the city did much about the side streets this time. So, I stayed at home and did chores about Possets all day long and will try to get in tomorrow for a good pack and ship session. I am not sure that the roads will be passable then, the snow is slushing up all around and it is still coming down. Bah!

It’s beautiful though, and last night my husband and I surprised 4-5 lady deer in our backyard. We went out looking at the porch and repairs in the gloom of night and I noticed a movement and there they were, 4 lovlies eyeing me! They stood stock still but I could tell they were perturbed. As soon as we went inside, they left. Something like fairies or strange folk from other worlds, they don’t like to be discovered and want to stay under the cloak of invisibility.

My backyard is a lively place.

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