The flag of SicilyBeauty, romance, danger, love, death, sun, and mystery…all these things are conjured up when I think of Sicily. The flag pretty much makes a perfect graphic statemet. A strange and compelling image which could have come from a secret Dionysian cult, the three legged figure is hard to explain but utterly captivating.

The three legs (triskelion) represent the three sides of the triangular island. The face in the middle is Medusa, and she is there not as a malevolent character but in the form of protection for the inhabitants; turning their enemies to stone. Finally the three ears of wheat are to remind everyone of the fertility of the soil, a gift directly from Mt. Etna; and that Sicily was the breadbasket of the Roman Empire for many years.

The flag is cut in two diagonally the red part represents Palermo and the yellow part is the city of Corelone (yes there really is a Corleone and it was a hugely powerful agricultural center…and Mafia center even as recently as the 1990s).

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