ImageIt’s January! Wheee! Gone are the days of unrestrained gluttony, plowing into piles of greasy french fries and swilling down great quantities of beer, egg nog, and champagne. Thank goodness that’s over, right? Now we go in for the Great Pastime of self flagellation, penance, self denial, and guilt. Enjoy yourself BUT let me offer a couple of profound thoughts for your amusement.

First, I am not sure if you knew this but on the average it takes 3500 calories over your daily needs to put on a pound of fat. That doesn’t mean that you have to eat it all at once either, my friend. Oh no. Any overage you eat immediately goes to the fat storage system and guarded like it was valuable until you use it. So, if you eat a mere 100 calories a day over the number you need (that is less than one Starbucks cake pop) it would only take 35 days to put on an extra pound! Scary thought isn’t it? Well, that is why you really have to watch what you eat, all that excess is cumulative. So every temptation you resist is a great victory for you! Congratulations! Every peanut you turn down, cake pop you eschew, Frito you avoid, Saratoga chip you turn your nose up at will serve you better than you think!

So when you are confronted with the “it’s only 120 calories” or “the 110 calorie pack” think about it! Calories don’t go away, they just pile up until you burn them off.

Fabienne lost 30 lbs back in 2011 and it took 6 months to do it. She has kept it off ever since and wants to share some of the things that helped her get it off and keep it off. Losing weight and working out is going to be a theme for January’s Possets Blog, so come along and enjoy getting back in shape! Brought to you by Possets Perfume which happens to have a fabulous collection of 100% calorie free foodie fragrances that satisfy your sweet tooth without increasing your bottom line!

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