My first tip was to try to use LoseIt, the app and website which helps you keep track of your calories consumed and expended. There are several other things which have helped me lose quite a bit of weight over 3 months.

One thing I strongly recommend is to join a gym. It seems like gyms are popping up like mushrooms now and that is a good thing for you. I am charged $16.67/month at Urban Active in Cincinnati, and I use the gym every day. That makes it work out to less than a dollar a day! How did I pull that off?

I negotiated with the managers of the gym, and I also asked them what kind of deals they had. I turned out that there was a deal for $400 that would allow me to use the gym for 24 months. That included the group fitness classes and everything but personal trainers and any “smoothies”, child care, or towels. That was a bargain and I had the $400 sitting in my savings account. It was really worth it.

I also got to thinking about some of the things I have missed because I got my will together and started working out. First, everyone in my immediate family had been obese. Everyone. I was the only family member who was normal weight. Second, every one of my immediate family members had arthritis except me. That was not a mistake, I do believe that I had avoided that fate (up until now and I hope beyond) by moving every day. There are the other things like: diabetes, hypertension, and quite a few circulatory system maladies which I don’t have thanks to getting on the ball and working out.

If you can manage to be in that position, and for less than $1/day then I would say that is a real bargain.

If money is a consideration to you, I urge you to talk to your friends who are in a gym and ask they how much they are paying. Sometimes we think it’s so rude to talk about money and will go through a lot of pain to avoid it when it’s money we should be talking about all along. That is why I am trying to open up about how much I pay for my gym membership and other parts of the endeavor.

Please note, I do not take any money from Urban Active or any other gym or entity to write about them. I just happen to belong to that gym and so I named their name in my article. If I belonged to LA Fitness, or Mercy, or Tri Health I would have named them.

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