The Silver RoseThere are only two commercial ink makers who make a scented ink: De Atramentis and J. Herbin. You can find either one on or a pen store on line. Scented inks are great fun and famous among ladies who want to pen scented billet-doux. However, be advised that contrary to popular opinion, scented ink won’t stay fragrant until it gets to the receiver, and so I deal with it as really for the amusement of the writer.

Of course, I have heard rumors to the contrary where DeAtramentis’ Field Flowers stayed hidden among the folds of a letter until released by the lucky recipient but that is a rarity.

J. Herbin is a very old ink maker (1670 was when it was founded). They pride themselves in offering inks which are made from as natural ingredients as they can use. The ink is not as saturated as most but it does come in quite a few varieties of fragrance and corresponding color (lavender, rose, apple, neroli, and violet).

Please know that both ink makers have had problems with mold growing in their inks in the past. De Atramentis seems to have solved this and I have not read any reports of it recurring. Also, DeAtramentis has a blinding array of different scented inks—it’s a trademark of theirs, and they come in every color under the sun. So many different fragrances they have that they have to divide their offerings into separate categories to keep from becoming too confusing! I was especially taken with their Ylang-Ylang ink for its fragrance (it’s the real deal) and offbeat light salmon color.

As for making your own scented inks, I would not try that. You can harm a pen with some of the essential oils in store bought scents so let the pros do this one. You just enjoy them!

This is one of the February Possets blogs on pens, inks, and sealing wax. Just in time for Valentine’s Day love notes. If you have a mind, come and take a look at Possets Perfume, too. It’s Bottled Happiness!

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