20111117-154826.jpgPerfume has its seasons and fall is the start of the scented season. I was amazed to find that there are definite high times and low times for perfume, and no matter how mild the summer, people just hunker down with a great bottle of scent when the weather turns crisp.

It may be relief at a long long hot summer, too much sweat and mildew, too much suntan lotion, the routine being changed up, consorting with a different set of people, or the sheer innocent animal desire to look for a good place to hibernate and keep warm which compel folks to head for the perfume counter when the air turns crisp.

The longer lasting notes are now more appropriate, and they are heavier, muskier, and more resinous, all things which would be cloying in the heat of summer are now comforting in the chill of fall air. Conversely, the notes which were so refreshing in summer are now almost non existent/disinteresting.

We are looking for things which reinforce the smells we encounter right now: apples, wet leaves, slight smoke in the air, the first whiff of frost, and all those things our animal selves attend as signs of fall.

Next time, I will talk about individual Fall notes to look for in perfumes this year. In the meantime, come over to Possets Perfume and take a look at the glorious Summer of Elegance Collection which will stay up until the first day of Fall or thereabouts.

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