I am still working on the Spring fragrance line at Possets Perfume. It is really going well but I have to exercise a lot of care in its making in order for it to be as good as I need it to be! So, it will be out when it is ready. But I am still working.

There is a spot of bad news, South Dakota is another victim of ingredient famine. It is now officially discontinued and sports a red dot in the inventory alert. It will be sent to the Discontinued page as soon as I am able. It was a great scent and I am sorry that it is gone now.

I am going to be going out of town for a week starting Monday. I have family business to take care of and I will be shipping fast and efficiently starting on Monday April 8th.

Finally, I wish you all a great Pascal celebration, no matter how you enjoy it, please enjoy it.

I am itching to unveil the next Collection of Possets and really loving the theme!


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