Enjoy another installment of Melissa’s reviews!

Another favorite.  On my skin, the suede in this blend does delicious things to the vanillas and the patchouli.  The sandalwood comes across as creamy and non-astringent and the frankincense isn’t overpowering.  Sometimes I find that too much frankincense can completely take over but it’s expertly blended in this perfume oil.  Sometimes I swear I can smell a hint of rose in this but then it’s gone as quickly as it appears.  Anytime I wear this I get compliments from both men and women.  This lasts a good 6-8 hours on my scent-eating skin.  I feel like this is a scent that can be worn year-round for sure. 5 stars.

Bar Sinister

Five stars because I love the smell of this in a diffuser or on my clothes.  Unfortunately on my skin the sweetbriar completely takes over.  Stupid skin chemistry! 5 stars.

Bear Lake Shake – Utah

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