This is the first in a series of blog posts created by a long time customer of Possets who took it upon herself to write a sizeable number of reviews, some favorable, some not, but all well considered. This initial post focuses on some of the Fall/Halloween blends. Many thanks to Melissa D. for her reviews!




Jurogumo (Japanese Spider Demon) Perfume Oil
I love to mix this one with Jin.  I’ve received numerous compliments from both men and women every time I wear this oil.  The cardamom is very strong in this blend but it’s tempered by the vanilla musk and the sugars of the peach liquor.  This lasts about 6 to 7 hours on my skin. 4 stars.


Jin (evil spirit from the U.A.E.) Perfume Oil
On my skin, I would describe this as an Oriental tobacco peach scent.  This has superior longevity and I can smell it on my skin after a good 10 hours.  The additional notes to the peach keep it from becoming your run of the mill syrupy sweet peach scents. 4 stars

The Scent of Night

This is lovely.  The notes really do mesh together and create a dark Autumn night scent in the bottle.  This isn’t your usual pumpkin or cinnamon scent that you see popping up everywhere around this time of year.  I love both wearing this on my skin as well as using this perfume oil in my diffuser.  This scent has some pretty good longevity on me at around 7 to 8 hours.  My skin likes to gobble up perfume oils so that’s really saying something!  I can pick out the individual notes but for the most part, they all meld together to make one beautiful unique smell. 5 stars.

Nessun Dorma

Sadly I can’t wear this due to allergies but it was a beauty to smell.  On my skin, this was a soft black licorice with a sugary kick.  The notes say caramel but I smelled something almost chocolate-like in this blend that did great things to the licorice, heightening the blend yet mellowing the bite of black licorice.  Maybe I’m getting chocolate from the “cooked” sugar?  I think this would be a good one to try if you’re unsure how you feel about black licorice.  A lot of people think the smell is too strong or medicinal.  It’s pretty subdued in this blend. 3 stars.

Drama Queen

Drama Queen Perfume Oil
This is another one of those scents where the sum is greater than its parts.  It’s blended so well that it’s hard to pick out the individual notes.  It’s a very dark yet perfumey scent. It’s not for everyone but if you dig the listed notes then I highly recommend giving this one a try.  I love to combine this with Damned If You Don’t and The Scent of Night. 4 stars

Damned if You Don’t

On my skin, this is a dark green mysterious fabric like scent if that makes sense. I can see this being unisex yet on me it goes to a resinous (not a floral) perfume so to speak.  This is awesome in the diffuser and I love to mix this with The Scent of Night which is another fabulous Fall perfume oil.  And the cannabis doesn’t smack you in the face.  It’s more of an accompanying note to heighten the entire blend.  There’s no need to worry about others giving you the side-eye because you smell like a bag of pot:) 4 stars.


Oh, I absolutely love this one!  On my skin, it’s soft black licorice and absinthe with a lovely shot of the most delectable black musk that somehow elevates all of the other notes and keeps it going.  I was worried that this would be too medicinal but that’s not the case at all.  I personally find licorice and absinthe type scents to be very calming and help when I have an upset stomach.  This one is a seasonal favorite of mine. 5 stars.


A beautiful scent that I cannot wear due to allergies. On my skin, I can smell some kind of grainy bread and creamy honey combined with a tart snap of peach. 3 stars.


Autumn (Vivaldi) Perfume Oil
I don’t think I’ve come across a Possets carnation scent that I didn’t like.  This does indeed smell like a scent suited for the Fall.  At times, the mulling spices can be a bit too strong but with wear, they settle down nicely.  I’ve paired this with Silver Carnation to tamp down the spice (the silver base does a stellar job at this) and give an additional layer of the carnation flower. 4 stars.

Venus Black

This wasn’t what I was expecting at all.  I definitely get whiffs of black musk but something in this blend really goes to the masculine side on me.  I usually don’t mind that but I actually had multiple people ask me if I was wearing some kind of generic men’s cologne on my skin.  Grrrr, stupid skin chemistry!  The only note that I’m not familiar with is the narcissus.  So I’m guessing that was the culprit. 1 star.

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