Beginning on Monday and going for the next two weeks, I am on jury duty. I was called to be on the Grand Jury in Cincinnati in June and put it off until now (family matters). So, I will be doing my business packing and shipping, answering your questions and other stuffs after the day is over downtown. I have heard that they let us out a bit early. There is a possibility that they could let me go, or let me go on certain cases. Anything is possible so I am keeping flexible.

I can’t talk about what goes on, but I will say that I do consider it a very very important thing to do and it makes me feel like I am involved in my form of government to be asked. I don’t mind a bit making the sacrifice, and if anything I think I am lucky to do this.

I have prepared as well as possible for jury duty, and I don’t think you are going to see any slowdown in packing and shipping. If there are any delays, I am sure they will be minor, and you probably won’t notice.

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