I am now officially finished with the Spring Line at Possets. What remains is: make production quantities, make images and labels for the internet and bottles, do the behind the scenes computer work for the site, do the computer work for the official announcement, put up the blog about the topic I want to explore during this phase (it’s The Chemistry of Flowers, and you will probably be surprised at some of the natural things that flowers put out to make themselves smell so good; listen, read, look and find out about them). Then I have to catch my wonderful cameraman and get him to film me doing something fabulously interesting with flowers, do a podcast and put it up and then I guess it’s showtime.

The image I took for this part of spring is Titian’s Ariadne and Bacchus from the London National Gallery. It is a magnificent painting which features the Corona Borealis, one of the most famous and beautiful constellations of spring. You can see that on the Possets Spring page, the constellation was put into Titian’s painting in the upper left hand side, and Ariadne is beckoning toward it as she seems to run from Bacchus. The “crown” was Bacchus’ present to Ariadne as a wedding gift. You can be sure they had Great champagne at their wedding feast.

More later.

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