Yule Posset Perfume Oil


Cream with velvety vanilla and a bit of rummy character, this one will have you slurring and smiling before you know it. A lovely creation that showcases the good things for which Possets is known. Of course, you do know that egg nog is about the last of the real possets of old to survive into the 21st century, right? Mmmm. Sweet, foody/gourmand, spicy, creamy.

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  1. C.

    Preliminary notes: I adore eggnog *so* much, and the full description for this heavily hints at it. I have not come across an eggnog scent that’s realistic yet, so hopefully this one breaks the chain.

    In bottle: Oh my god. An eggnog scent that ACTUALLY smells like eggnog. It’s a miracle! There’s something soft and almost cashmere-like in there as well, along with the rum. Delicious.

    On skin: Still eggnog-y but very perfumey once it hits the skin. It’s still the most realistic eggnog scent I’ve tried, so I’m very happy with it. The rum is warm and slightly spiced as well.

    Verdict: 5 glasses of rum-spiked eggnog out of 5.

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