Xuong Cuong (Vietnamese Tree Spirit) Perfume Oil



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A cold green leaf bats against a ghost wood, a lash of green chlorophyll and crystal musk, a bit of luan wood, and a soft ambient earth scent (but a lightweight earth not a heavy wet soil). Finished off with a great portion of sandalwood and yuzu, the latter adds an air of almost black walnut and nutwood-like nuance to the whole.

The fable is that there was a gigantic tree which was miles across and all sorts of creatures made their homes in and around it. It was iconic but, as time went on, the tree went into the inevitable decline as all things do. It gradually went from being benevolent to malicious and finally was driven away only to return and prey on at least one victim of human sacrifice a year.

Cold, green, woody, calming with a good shot of citrus. 

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