Wings of an Angel Perfume Oil


This is the evolution of the much loved, but discontinued Scent of Angels, and in many ways it is superior. Hawthorn, white musk, a touch of ethereal mintiness, gorgeous regal vanilla Bourbon. An instant classic.

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1 review for Wings of an Angel Perfume Oil

  1. chamomile-carillon from reddit

    Please bear with me for continuing to compare with Seraphim, but imagine that angel again. Now imagine that angel as a baby cherub. Same effect here. I don’t get mint, but I definitely got that hawthorn, which here comes off less floral and more gourmand. It’s just a touch sweeter, just a dab more acidic– flies just a bit taller with a bit more faded light than its counterpart. You can definitely identify this compared to Seraphim but for me, if I’m in the mood for one I can easily use the other, too.

    Expected impression: YES!!! ★★★★★

    Actual: YES!!! ★★★★★ I like Seraphim just a touch more, though, for being a wee bit more grounded.

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