Tricky Perfume Oil



As the song says,"'s tricky, tricky, tricky, tricky..." Bacon, my friends, that bane of all things physical and spiritual! For this April Fools' Day I would like to present Tricky, a fragrance so pungently good, so soaked in evil that you will be positively ashamed to admit that you like it, let alone that you bought any. Yes, there is the true scent of bacon shot throughout this offering, BUT it is married with BUTTER!!! Great mother of pearl, but the degeneracy doesn't stop there, it is wrapped in the most gossamer of phyllo pastry, and coated in Anatolian honey! Wow, this stuff is surely what the first whiffs of Hell must smell like (they have to lure you in somehow, sweeties). Yum! Yum! Yuuuum! Your little bway-frien' is going to luerve this one. One day only and then it's gone.

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