Tin Foil Beanie Perfume Oil



This is THE weird fragrance of Halloween. Scared of having your mind read by aliens? Well, fret no longer. Wear Tin Foil Beanie and the scent field it erects will stop people from other planets (and government conspirators) from finding out what is on your mind. very useful perfume, no? What does it smell like? Try grape and patchouli wrapped up in a strange and minty wrapper. That is odd and it is oddly appealing. No kidding! It has a bracing unearthly metallic tang to it. Unisex and not your everyday fragrance. Metallic, foody.

The image is Piero della Francesca's "Sigismundo Malatesta" wearing a tin foil beanie. Sr. Malatesta had so much trouble he could have used a tin foil beanie.

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