The White Crow (The Manciple’s Tale) Perfume Oil


The story of how the crow used to be white and it was turned black.

All the whitest of sweet fragrances blended together to be a clever conjure. A white leaf sage (more like Tuscan herbal accompaniment) goes together with lambs' ear (again a white leafed desert plant), mixed up with a cascade of distant white flowers from the Eastern woodland, and a drop of white tea. A beautiful concoction, just right for spring and for spring seduction by wit.

A Manciple is a buyer for an academic institution or a monastery.

Type: herbal, woody, tea

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1 review for The White Crow (The Manciple’s Tale) Perfume Oil

  1. Hannah Woodlan (verified owner)

    This was a surprising hit for me. Normally stuff with sage leaves me smelling a little stale or like an old dish rag, but I love this at every stage: wet, dry, and the next day when I can smell it on the collar of my shirt. It starts off good and gets better. It’s refreshing, and I’m so glad I picked this because very few things work for me.

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