The Grace of the Posset Perfume Oil


Samuel Pepys ("Peeps") spoke about his feelings regarding the "grace of the Posset" for a good posset had to have a creamy froth on the top, and that was called the "grace." This was something like the foam on a cappuccino. The thicker and more substantial part of the posset lay underneath. So creamy and yummy was the "grace" that it needed to be recreated here for you in the spring. Lighter than the Yule Posset but with a sweet and insinuating creaminess, cut with enough non-sweet parts to make it a succulent wonder. Ah, take one out of doors with yourself and indulge.

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  1. C.

    Preliminary notes: So DH has these French vanilla cappuccino Keurig pods, and I remember him saying “I would not complain if you smelled like this” while he was making one a month or so ago. I do love coffee scents as well despite not being a coffee drinker, so this was a shoo-in.

    DH’s preliminary notes: Breakfast.

    In bottle: Almost floral and woody at first, but then the roast of the coffee comes out. Not quite as creamy as I’d expected. It smells like an upscale coffee shop.

    DH’s thoughts: This kind of smells like pancakes with some kind of fruit on it.

    On skin: Virtually the same as in the bottle. The coffee note is pretty weak (in comparison to something like Lurker and Strange’s Carpe Noctem), and there’s a very perfume-y element to it. Does not, in any way, resemble DH’s coffee pods, which is slightly disappointing but ultimately fine. It’s its own thing and is still quite nice. Very creamy, cozy, and a bit rich. There’s a veeery soft baked good note floating in the background somewhere, but this scent itself isn’t foody.

    DH’s thoughts: Is that one of the ones that has honeysuckle in it? No? I’ve had many a cappuccino in my lifetime, and that smells nothing like it.

    Verdict: 4 expensive coffees out of 5. I’m gonna age this one a bit and see if the coffee note gets any stronger and the perfume-y undertone evens out a bit. It is really nice as-is, however.

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