Starry Night Perfume Oil


Named after the painting by Van Gogh. The lightest and most delicate rose is mixed with a thoroughly calm blue sub-musk and lays down with a grain of vanilla but of the most herbal sort. This is a thoroughly surprising and delightful thing. Starry Night starts off with a burst of effervescence, a really exciting top note for a beginning which cozies down to a charming, calming, and thoroughly satisfying finish of lasting beauty. Sound familiar? Well, that is what inspired Starry Night. After all, what else could that painting be about? Musky, fruity, perfumy.

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  1. Kelsey H.

    One of my favorite possets. It’s a soft, white rose (with cool, blue musk, I think?). There’s a small sparkle of citrus. The citrus fades pretty quickly. I find this scent so comforting and calming.

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