Silence Perfume Oil



Appears far off a mill the wind is turning, Methought that such a building then I saw; And, for the wind, I drew myself behind My Guide, because there was no other shelter. Now was I, and with fear in verse I put it, There where the shades were wholly covered up, And glimmered through like unto straws in glass. Some prone are lying, others stand erect, This with the head, and that one with the soles; Another, bow-like, face to feet inverts.

A Possets' 100% Natural for Autumn. At this point in the poem, the travelers have almost reached Satan and have to thread their way through an ice field in which a variety of hapless souls are frozen entirely. Since they are totally trapped there, they cannot speak and so the troupe moves onward without discourse. In contrast to an icy background, Fabienne chose to conjure up a blend honoring the silence of a great fall day. Patchouli, clove, nutmeg, red cedarwood, and black pepper greet the great season of quiet and the delights of heavy spice and heavy sleep.


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