Sasquatch Perfume Oil



One forumite threw down the challenge to come up with the Sasquatch fragrance, a creature known for its trailing effluvia. Here it is!

This is a powerful animalic with a soft green and outdoor side. Civet and a very civity musk (black and exceptionally earthy/animal) are blended with a fir like green note and a thick green leaf-like note, then there is a tiny drop of a clean musk in the background. Finally, a civet-like honey note which has been saved for the right time. The sasquatch is after you, my dear. He has cleaned up his act and wants to really be your honey.

This one is not for the faint of heart or weak of will, it is very animalic and unashamed of it.


The image is William Blake's Ghost of a Flea, but it makes such a wonderful bigfoot.

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