Patient Griselda (The Clerk’s Tale) Perfume Oil


The Clerk tells a tale of Patient Grizelda who suffers mightily as her husband tests her goodness by taking away her children, abandoning her, and treating her in the worst way while Grizelda bears all with humility.

Dry and dignified yet beautiful and desirable, Patient Grizelda embodies all of the traits that the tale gave her. Violet for humility, iris for courage, sandalwood for patience (because it is long-lasting), and finally sweet flag for something which shows its true nature when trodden upon. Sort of a poem in perfume to the concept of a woman who has to endure in the face of almost unbearable suffering. One of the most often told of the tales, a gorgeous perfume and very very springlike. Another flower hater's floral from Possets!

Type: floral

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