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Lush blooming last roses of summer (pink and antique, classic with a touch of lemon) and dark cedar from the depths of the swamp, essence of cypress “knees”, gloomy grey musk, a cob-webby essence I mix up which gives it a dank/lightly aquatic/ clean yet dark slick edge, finally I add a thick black aged Madagascar vanilla (not too much).

Manticores are ancient Greek inventions which are much like the more Western European griffins. Bodies of lions, heads of eagles or angels, bat wings and large stingers. These are vengeful easily angered beasts which flit about but yet strut to be admired thought they are so odd a hybrid. There was something ultra compelling about a manticore, perhaps it was their call, that humans had a very hard time resisting going to one once they heard its song, and thus were lured to their death.

A dangerous perfume with dangerous ingredients. 

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