Maharani of Kuch-Bahar Perfume Oil


She was known for her perfect style. she was impeccable in all things and ineluctable to men. It was said she could seduce a marble statue, a hermit, or a Jesuit and perhaps she proved that she could! The purest of classic thick patchouli, a good dose of blood orange from Sicily, a light brush of incense, thick dark tamarind from India. The fruit somehow lends an animalic edge. If you want to know how a Maharani smells, this is how a Maharani smells--just beautiful. Resinous, and fruity.

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  1. Melissa

    Surprisingly I get a lot of wear out of this blend in warm weather. It’s much lighter than I expected, even though there are notes of incense and patchouli. The blood orange and tamarind keep the blend from becoming too heavy. Yet the incense (unlit, I’m not getting a smoky vibe) and patchouli keep the fruitiness in check. The balance of these notes work so well with my skin chemistry. Plus I’m a fan of what Possets can do with patchouli and orange notes. If you feel the same way I suggest you smell Pachabel’s Canon when it comes around for a retour again. It has notes of patchouli, orange and vanilla. Maharani of Kuch-Bahar lasts around 6 or so hours on my skin before gracefully fading away. 

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