Madame X Solid Perfume


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Madame X Solid Perfume is made from Jojoba oil, Beeswax, and the perennial favorite Madame X perfume oil. This solid perfume is silky to the touch and moisturizing to your skin.

Wicked, sinful, hedonistic, and irresistible. You may not have the heart to play the femme fatale, but you can at least smell the part. Madame X perfume oil is musky, creamy, enticing, slightly foody, but very skin-like. Intrigued yet? It has a profound effect on men, they have no idea of what is bothering them …it’s you. It has a profound effect on the wearer as well. Madame X will inspire you to change your hairstyle, buy a gorgeous black strapless long dress, and many other daring changes, too. Don’t miss out on Madame X. The more you wear this one, the more you will love her.  A constant favorite among the Possetiers.

Skin musk, wax, cream, lemon zest, champagne, and a kiss of bitter vanilla. .25 oz.

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