Linden Blossom Tea Perfume Oil


Refined and beautiful, the essence of sophistication and rare indeed. Linden tea will remind you of afternoons in Vienna, long shadows and the air filled with a fine honeyed scent of blooming lindens. Refreshing but comforting, it's really only proper at the summery parts of the year.

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4 reviews for Linden Blossom Tea Perfume Oil

  1. chamomile-carillon from reddit

    It’s such a treat whenever I try a scent note for the first time and I can somehow pick it out. This is linden blossom, 100%. It’s like leaving the window open and a breeze carries through, lifting the thin white curtains. Underneath it is something I can’t identify by name but gives the promised darker backdrop, and I imagine it like looking at the figure that opened the window, the light causing their silhouette to be draped in shadow. This scent is strong yet soft and is a really nice contrast to the rest of the light/white scents I enjoy from Possets.

    Expected impression: Ooo! ★★★★

    Actual: YES!!! ★★★★★ Not an everyday scent but it’s good for meditation, makes me think of the quiet side of sunshine rather than the loud, in comparison to Dance With Me, despite the fact this one is heavier and more fragrant.

  2. C.

    Preliminary notes: This one’s kind of a no-brainer for me. I like springtime-y floral tea scents, and I like linden blossom. This sounds lovely.

    DH’s preliminary notes: Break time in a tequila factory. (??)

    In bottle: Gorgeous linden blossoms, a bit of watery tea, and a really fantastic honey note (one of the most realistic I’ve come across thus far). Love.

    DH’s thoughts: It is very floral, and you can definitely smell the tea. Like a little hint of lemon in it too. There was this garden that I had tea at in Alberta, of all places. I don’t know why, but I think about that place when I smell this.

    On skin: Largely the same, but something warms it up. The honey kind of recedes on the skin, so it just becomes the linden and tea. Bit of a bummer, since the honey note is really nice, but this is still lovely. It threatens to go a bit soapy but never quite gets there. I can see where people would get an air freshener/bathroom soap vibe from, but I adore it nonetheless.

    DH’s thoughts: It’s very floral and very light, with a hint of something stronger. It’s like cinnamon but not cinnamon.

    Verdict: 4.75 springtime garden tea parties out of 5. I wish the honey stuck around longer, but I still really love this. For such a light scent, it has really good throw and longevity.

  3. Lauren

    So unique. I don’t know what linden blossom smells like, but this is like a refreshing white tea scent, and the floral note is like nothing I’ve smelt, it’s in the territory of neroli but not that at all. It evokes the purest white. It’s so clean smelling, but never like laundry or soap, it really is a pure floral-tea. I’ve had my sample for awhile and have tried many indie scents and nothing has ever compared.

  4. cocbb

    This is such a beautiful scent – a perfect pick for anyone looking for something fresh and pretty 😀

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