LEM Perfume Oil


LEM is the acronym of Lunar Excursion Module, the lunar lander used by the Apollo program. It was after the first Moon walk that it was discovered that the Moon has a smell! After Armstrong and Aldrin re-entered the LEM, they removed their helmets. To their surprise, the cabin smelled like the air after a fireworks display! It turns out that the moon dust that stuck to their space suits had a smell that was liberated by the oxygen of the crew cabin. A great article about this phenomenon can be read at Nasa's website here.

Possets' interpretation combines sandalwood, burnt mitti attar, black pepper, a slight bit of coal tar and sweet Lychee. This definitely does not smell like the remnants of a fireworks show, but does explore the balance of sharp and soft, like moon dust itself.

Sandalwood, burnt mitti attar, black pepper, coal tar, lychee.


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