Landscape in Suffolk (Gainsborough) Perfume Oil


Thomas Gainsborough was famous for his excellent portraits. The finest ladies competed to have him paint them (and Sir Joshua Reynolds, too). But Gainsborough's favorite thing to paint was the landscape. His lush greenery and dynamic land were elegant and light-touched even if they were just pictures of peasants in front of a hut.

Landscape in Suffolk is a classic made the classic way. This is the scent of the fragrant fern (the scent genre is called 'fougere' which is French for fern) and has been a wonder for centuries. Since the 1960s, the perfume world moved away from fougeres and toward aggressive musks, especially for men. This is a fougere for the 21st Century. It is unisex, dignified, green, and wonderful. Oakmoss, bergamot, lavender, coumarin (vanilla).


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