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Known only as The Lady Z, this Aztec princess was said to have performed the most daring romantic escapade in the history of Mesoamerica around the year 1050. She fell in love with a prince from a neighboring tribe. Unfortunately, he was a captive who had been chosen to be executed to the Sun God after a year of pampering. He would be taken up the steps of the temple of the Sun God, grabbed by the priests, and his heart would have been sawed out with obsidian knives and offered still beating to the god. Lady Z had been offered to him as one of the comfort ladies in his last days. They fell in love and she devised a plot to let them both escape into the jungle. What happened to them? That is unclear. Some say that the idea of a woman pulling off a plot of that magnitude is fiction, others swear that they made it all the way back to his parents' city where Lady Z was either celebrated as his First Wife or killed by the enraged parents and family despite returning their son to them. However, there is, in the purported city to which they fled, a mummified remains of a woman who appears to be wearing jewelry and clothes from another city and a king buried next to her.

The famous chocolate from Aztec lands, combined with sweetbriar-like almost apple and earthy smoke scent, and a touch of cumin. If you wish to be cloaked in mystery, this is your perfume.

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