Jurogumo (Japanese Spider Demon) Perfume Oil


A powerful vanilla musk the likes of the one used in Dance With Me (VERY seductive yet subtle and cloud-like), and rich cardamom,and finally the nectar of peaches squeezed in the summer sun and concentrated to make a sugary peach liquor.

This perfume is named for the Japanese spider demons who appear to hapless men as beautiful women who serve them and play irresistible music for them. They lure their victims to sleeping in their laps and them wrap them in silk and feed on them as they are helpless even to scream, being paralyzed by the venom of the spider devil, they can feel but not cry out.

The choice of the white and gauzy vanilla to reminds one of spider's silk and how appealing it is when a light shines through it and it casts a soft glow by diffusing light. The cardamom is an illusion of the hospitality the spiderwoman shows men, and peach to imagine what dainties she would prepare for the men she was going to feed upon.

Dangerous and sexy.

The image is an engraving by Gustave Dore from The Inferno, Arachne


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  1. Melissa (verified owner)

    I love to mix this one with Jin. I’ve received numerous compliments from both men and women every time I wear this oil. The cardamom is very strong in this blend but it’s tempered by the vanilla musk and the sugars of the peach liquor. This lasts about 6 to 7 hours on my skin.

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