Jin (evil spirit from the U.A.E.) Perfume Oil


A true peach with ingredients they use in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Peaches, dried peaches, patchouli, and tobacco extract, a good wallop of cardamom, and a big shot of a very dry amber. A foody resinous blend which is just what cooler weather perfects.

In the UAE there is a persistent belief in jins, evil mischief-making sprites which will interfere with your car, make noises in the night, and even etch the evil eye into paint and glass. Nothing to be trifled with and part of the Arabian peninsula's heritage of myths for thousands of years. In a land that can produce the most amazing spectacles, this might be very logical indeed. You might be able to catch one out of the corner of your eye, but they are felt more readily than seen.

The drawing is The Ghost of Darius Appearing to Atossa by George Romney.


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  1. Melissa

    On my skin I would describe this as an Oriental tobacco peach scent. This has superior longevity and I can smell it on my skin after a good 10 hours. The additional notes to the peach keep it from becoming your run of the mill syrupy sweet peach scents.

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