JFK and Jackie Perfume Oil


Unbelievably well-bred but with a superabundance of animal magnetism, this perfume is like a candid snapshot of John Kennedy and his astounding wife, Jacqueline Bouvier. both of them were almost worshiped as the most alluring people of their day, and their charm lives on. One of Jack's favorite colognes was Jockey Club by Caswell and Massey, and Jackie would famously steal a bit from him from time to time, especially when she was riding. A snap of the finest leather, a bit of oakmoss, combined with Tabac blonde essence, a whiff of tea, and the warmth of silk. Comforting but not usual by any means. Beautiful and modern but with enough of the Old World charm to have you reach for it very often. A classic of which you will never tire.

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2 reviews for JFK and Jackie Perfume Oil

  1. C.

    Preliminary notes: Several reviews I’ve come across cite this one as smelling classy and expensive. I’m a leather, tea, and tobacco fiend, and throwing “classy” in the mix is definitely my vibe.

    DH’s preliminary notes: Maybe it smells like a biker who went through the forest while drinking tea? An elderly biker with tea in a Thermos?

    In bottle: So this is a great deal subtler than I was expecting. The tea (which smells like Earl Grey) and tobacco are definitely there, along with a touch of the oakmoss. Veeery little leather. This reminds me of L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Tea for Two but softer.

    DH’s thoughts: It’s very sweet. Perhaps kind of floral? The immediate thing that comes to mind for me is girly. It’s very girly. A red Jolly Rancher? *reads him the notes* Oh, I smell the tea now! Damnit.

    On skin: Ah! There’s the leather. It’s a very soft, worn type of leather as opposed to the interior of a new car. The leather note mellows quite a bit after about half an hour, and the tea becomes the focus again. This is absolutely classy, refined, and elegant. It smells expensive. Leans slightly masculine but not enough to bother me, and it goes a little soapy in the drydown, but again, not enough to bother me. DH wore Adamus and I wore this one day, and they go very well together as companion scents. I love the tea note in this so much.

    Verdict: 5 classy politicians out of 5. I adore this.

  2. Susanne Lindberg (verified owner)

    I can see this being my spring scent as its Fresh yet elegant. The Tea and Leather notes grounds everything in a subltle soft way. My first time ordering from Possets and Im very impressed with the blends.

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