Isotta Malatesta


The fourth wife of the notorious Sigismundo Malatesta, Isotta was well known as a practiced lady of the sexual arts. Her liaison with Siggy was a huge scandal. Luckily she was as much of a sociopath as he was, so they were quite a love match. There was a rumor that Sigismundo erected a temple to himself (or church if you want to see it that way); he had images of himself and Isotta put everywhere in it. The pope heard about this and had Sigismundo excommunicated for it. He called it blasphemous. When the pope's man came to Malatesta's home city of Rimini, Sigismundo was reported to have sat calmly and had the articles of ex-communication read, stood up, marched down to the pope's man, grabbed him, turned him around, and buggered him in front of all the good citizens of Rimini. He then organized an army and advanced to the papal residence in Rome.

Sigismundo was overpowered and was forced to flee, going from living the high life in his palace in Rimini to living outdoors on the run. His bride, Isotta, came with him, making a pretty picture as a lady rogue.

Very animalic skin musk, a strong whiff of loam, darkest earthy vetiver from Haiti, crushed black fig.

Deep, dark, and dangerous. Musky, fruity, resinous.

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  1. Violette (verified owner)

    Unbelievably good. It was love at first huff for me. Animalic strawberry incense. Strong recommend.

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