Isabella of France


Gloriously beautiful and known as "The She-Wolf of France", highly noble Isabella was married to Edward II of England at an early age. She had a rather unusual relationship as her husband was thought to have been the lover of one of his male companions, Piers Gaveston. None the less, she had 4 children by him (one was The Black Prince) and seemed to be at least content and able to get along well with Gaveston, so perhaps she was just very modern.

Gaveston died and was replaced by Hugh Despenser who was immensely unpopular with the people and with Isabella. At this point, Isabella had had it with Edward, and plotted with her lover, Roger Mortimer, to have Ed dead (it is said). The favorite tale about it is that Edward II died from having a red hot poker run up his nether parts BUT as titillating as that might sound, it's not considered the real cause of his death.

With Edward dead, Isabella and her lover Roger were free to do as they pleased. The next prince in line, Edward III, eventually had had enough and killed Mortimer to ascend the throne. Mortimer was given a trial but Edward III (a dutiful son) did not include his mother in the proceedings. After the death of Mortimer, Isabella was free to roam about, enjoy her lavish lifestyle, and do as she pleased. Shortly before her death, Isabella decided to become a Poor Clare nun (an unexpected move for someone so lavish).

Lovely smokey seductive Oude from Arabia starts out, with a goodly shot of galbanum, at this point it's sharp aggressive, and beautiful. An insertion of Sicilian lemon, a float of black Tellicherry peppercorn. Very classic but modern at the same time. Full of character and harmonious, but you can see a rebel wearing this one.

Musky, resinous,

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