Henry VIII and Jane Seymour Perfume Oil


Henry started to dally with Jane while married to Anne Boleyn. Jane played a very cool and pious girl. Still, she never missed an opportunity to show off her impeccable taste in clothes and her good behavior (in contrast to Anne's outbursts and wildness). Henry loved to overcome her with masculine strength and seemed content with her from the beginning, soon after Anne lost her head. At this point, Henry became overbearing, fat, and short of temper. He famously chastised meek Jane once, who offered her opinion on state religion in front of several courtiers. She was verbally slapped down and put in her place by her husband. Approximately a year after they were married, she gave birth to a son, Edward VI (who would ascend to the throne only to die at age 16). She contracted childbed fever and died a very painful death shortly after giving Henry the son he had wished for. Henry is buried next to her. Jane was supposed to have been Henry's favorite wife, so this blend is all sweetness and light woven into the theme of Henry and the Tudor times of deep-cut satin, plush velvet, and pearls sewn into the clothes people wore. Red musk makes a soft bed for the purest Hawthorne, golden honey, fine fat vanilla, and sweetest amber.

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