Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon Perfume Oil


Henry VIII was the prime catch in the Western world. His elder brother, Arthur, had died, and now Henry was the Crown Prince. Handsome, tall, red-haired, witty, creative, musical, a terrific writer, and a devoted Catholic, he was all the things that Catherine of Aragon (the daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella, the Most Catholic Kings of Spain) could have wished for. Henry was smitten with her, and she with him. They were united in happy matrimony. Years passed, and she bore him only one surviving child, a daughter, Mary, who would indeed one day ascend the throne. But in the meantime, at the beginning of their union, Henry was so in love with love that he had eyes for no one but the pious and pure Catherine. It is said that he followed her around like a puppy dog and delighted in worshiping with her daily. He wrote his famous treatise defending the Catholic Church while under her spell (a work which earned him the title Defender of the Faith, one which the monarch of Great Britain still carries). This fragrance honors red-haired and handsome Henry and his lovely Spanish bride. Red musk, smoky and greenish carnation, yellow saffron, incense, and a bit of rioja grape. Strong and pure and deep and delightfully satisfying, it's Possets' portrait of their happy beginnings.

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