Henry VIII and Catherine Howard Perfume Oil


Catherine Howard was a beautiful girl with "loose" morals. Her parents were exceptionally ambitious, and so they prayed that their daughter was not "enceinte" when they dangled her under Henry's nose. At this point, Henry was vastly older than Catherine, but Catherine would have loved to be Queen, so she led him to think that she was aching to wed him and to minister to his every need. She got her wish and became the May to his December. The court rolled their eyes to see bulging, jewel-encrusted Henry waddling after his lithe and flippant wife. It wasn't long before tongues started to wag about her affairs and flirtations. Several courtiers knew they would be better off if she were out of their way politically, and so a string of lovers (real and imagined) was produced. As Henry wasn't as sexually satisfied as he had hoped, he took the opportunity to punish Catherine. She refused to believe that her devoted Henry would kill her, as he had Anne Boleyn, but she was taken to jail and charged with treason and adultery. She was arrested at Hampton Court but escaped her captors for long enough to run down the hallway to the chapel screaming for Henry before she was apprehended and hauled away. It was said that the king heard the commotion but did not react. She was between 17 and 19 when she died. She was beheaded, and her family lived in disgrace. Red musk, bitter galbanum, sweet honey, myrrh, creamy custard.

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