Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves Perfume Oil


It was quite a while before Henry was on the hunt again for a new wife to keep him company. At one point, the ladies had fought over the opportunity to be the wife of such a fine prince but now that Henry was obese, foul-tempered, estranged from the Church, and such a cruel ex-husband or ill-fated man that he actually got turn downs from the women who were asked if they were interested (Notably the lovely Christina of Sweden) or he was hopelessly put off by anxious parents and diplomats who saw no advantage to being allied with a nation which had broken with their theological heritage. At last, Henry was given a beautiful portrait of a beautiful girl, Anne of Cleves. Done by Hans Holbein, the painting glows with a tender pretty woman dressed in charming Low Country garb. Henry was smitten and felt he had to move fast. He proposed and was married to her in proxy. Eager to meet his bride, Henry's face fell hard when the real Anne of Cleves appeared in front of him in England. Short and stout, dressed in an uninspired way and of ungainly manners, Henry would have none of her! He refused to consummate the marriage and sent her away, declaring her "My beloved sister." It is purported that Anne was delighted that she didn't have to really be married to a horrid, arrogant, cruel, smelly tyrant like Henry, and is said she happily spent her years living in the English countryside as a guest of Henry for the rest of her life. Red and green musks, sage, apples.

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