Harold and Edith Perfume Oil


He was the handsome blonde king of England, she was the beautiful classic beauty who could never wed him because of her low birth. He took her, she was his concubine, and together they shook the foundations of the country and were the one couple of whom all others were envious. He showered her in jewels, placed her at the head of his table, and lavished her with love. She was known as Edith of the Swan Neck. Alas, this was not to last, for on the day Harold had to win, he lost. It was 1066, and the Battle of Hastings crushed the defending Britains. Shot through the eye by an enemy archer, Harold toppled to earth and was hacked into so many pieces that his lady Edith had to be coaxed onto the battlefield and to identify her lover's torso by the marks which she had left there with her teeth and mouth the night before. Dark oakmoss from the forests of England, the scent of the iris rushes from where they had lain the night before, vetiver offered to a pagan god for the safe return of the beloved, all dry and mournful as a lost love. Melancholy and herbal, beautiful in its distress.

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