Good Riddance! Perfume Oil


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As the final days of this insane year of 2020 draw nearer, we say Good Riddance! Embrace some of the delightful scents of the season: Gingerbread baking in the oven, Firewood stacked by the fireplace ready to prepare Roasted Chestnuts, the waft of cooking Cranberries, and the warmth of Hot Buttered Rum. These comforting scents gather together in every bottle of Good Riddance like old friends and family during the Holidays.


Good Riddance is only sold in 6 ml bottles. Unfortunately, there are no sample sizes of Good Riddance.


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  1. Tom Murphy

    “Good Riddance! is one of my favorites! It’s a great scent, and I use it daily. I just dab a drop, and it’s like, “Good Riddance 2020”! It’s so extravagant, for the price! The Good Riddance! scent would make a perfect stocking stuffer, for just about any one. I’m ordering for my 23 year old daughter, Sarah, and my mother, age 73. My sister will also get Good Riddance!, and she’s 50. So, as I was saying it’s perfect for any one.” From This Frugal Family:

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