Golden Section Perfume Oil


The Golden Section was often used in glorious works of art (Leonardo was said to have relied on its perfection in many of his paintings). The concept is simple. The Golden Section is a line divided just where the entire line is the same proportion to the larger division, as the larger division is to the smaller. It was one of the most jealously guarded secrets of the Renaissance painters! On to perfume, which has perfect proportions as well! Golden Section is oddly and pleasantly animalic, unaggressively floral, and tempered with three ambers (one honeyed, one dry, and one very sweet and dripping golden). A wonderful perfume for "first flirting" with someone who you don't know well and need to get a boost to overcome their initial shyness. Delightful and silky. Hard to pin down and hard to forget because you don't want to want more.

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