Gingerwitch Perfume Oil


Is there anything more interesting than a red haired witch? The thought conjures up dark cake gingerbread and almond, deep juvenile musk and heady invitations.

Foody, foody, foody.

The image is a detail of The Witch's Sabbath by Falero


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  1. Melissa (verified owner)

    I was a bit worried that the almond in Gingerwitch would go to artificial cherry on my skin but that never happened thankfully. Immediately on my skin Gingerwitch smells exactly like Jagermeister and I’m a little worried at this point. I had my fill of Jager in my younger years and I don’t fancy smelling like the digestif. The Jager stage is short lived, maybe 20 minutes tops. At this point the scent morphs and I smell like the candied ginger that you use in baking. Candied ginger plus the addition of spices. I checked with Tom and there is a little bit of cinnamon in this blend. My skin has been reacting but I find I can get away with this on the tops of my arms and my shoulder blade area as opposed to the sensitive skin on my inner elbows and my neck. Sensitive souls tread carefully and patch test this one. I don’t really get any almond or musk from this but I’m not mad about it as Gingerwitch smells like crystallized spiced ginger on me. Gingerwitch is good on it’s own but I’ve been layering it with other scents for a pop of candied ginger as well. Gingerwitch lasts between the 5-6 hour mark on me but much longer on my clothing.

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