Frida Kahlo Perfume Oil



One of the most famous and tempestuous women in painting, Frida even eclipsed her husband, Diego Rivera, in fame at this point. Frida was a true romantic, very dramatic, and highly sensitive. She was involved in a terrible accident as a young woman on a streetcar. The wound never really resolved itself, and she was left in pain and unable to bear children. She fell in love with Diego Rivera, the famous Mexican mural painter and they were married. Diego, also a romantic, cheated on her. She, ever the woman of sorrows, took up with the famous socialist Leon Trotsky.

Her painting enjoyed a renaissance in the 1990s as women in art refused to take a back seat to their male counterparts, and Frida has remained a beacon of feminism.

Carnation, Black Pepper, golden amber, brown amber, a proprietary golden musk.

Floral, spicy, smooth, disturbing.

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