Fearful Symmetry Perfume Oil


The title is from William Blake's poem, Tiger Tiger Burning Bright. Inspired by the beauty of Sacred Geometry and the dynamic symmetry to which we all respond, this blend is a fanciful ode to secret knowledge, without the guile of logic, just the guide from the heart. Deep crystal and grey musks, combined with the essence of banana, a smattering of coconut, and an ambergris-like accord which we developed to have less marine and more astringent edge. White oude and comfrey, sandalwood, light smoke, and black amber. A very mysterious and profoundly beautiful perfume for when you wish to be seriously desired. Aromatic, strong.



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  1. Melissa

    This was a pleasant surprise with the banana note. This was actually what I was expecting Issota and Sigismundo to smell like. The banana note in this is just enough to keep things interesting. It’s dominant for about the first 20 minutes before it backs off and lets some of the other notes shine through. This is most definitely one of those perfume oils where the sum is greater than it’s parts for sure. The end result of this reminds me a bit of Dolce and Gabbana’s The One perfume(thank you skin chemistry!), which is one of my mainstream favorite scents. This was still going strong on me after a good 10 hours of wear. Good stuff!!! I would say that you have to be okay with banana to try this unique perfume oil.

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