Evita Peron


The very blonde and stylish First Lady of Argentina, she was the mistress and then the wife of President Juan Peron. Somewhat of a pleasure seeker as a young woman, she changed considerably once she married and assumed the role of the first lady. She worried about the poor and laborers of Argentina and organized the first female political party in South America. She died at age 33 from cancer, and her body was especially embalmed and preserved as if she were a saint. Her body was exhibited for two years in Argentina to the public, but when the Peron regime was overthrown, her corpse disappeared. It was found in Italy, buried under an assumed name, and somewhat disfigured due to rough handling. It was returned with great fanfare when Isabel Peron became the president of Argentina (she was the daughter of Juan Peron by his first wife), and Evita is now interred in her home country with her beloved husband in a tomb which is very much fixed to ward off tomb robbers. The musical Evita was a wonderful tribute to her.

Strange and wonderful, we start with a very strong and assertive Egyptian musk, followed by a very unusual leather component that conjures up the scent of violets (!). A dry white amber accompanies this and a kiss of ginger. It is a skin-like scent but has great unusual beauty. Leather, musk, floral. The type of fragrance that a great lady would wear.

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