Elena (Magda) Lupescu


Elena (Magda) Lupescu was the mistress of Prince Carol of Romania. He abducted the throne TWICE for her, which might be a record. Although she was not the prettiest woman by today's standards, she had something the prince could not leave alone. She was tall, with incredibly white skin, green eyes, and a curvy outsized mouth. Many people considered her coarse and unladylike, but evidently, that is what Prince Carol liked. Their affair was filled with intrigue, misreported identity, cast aside spouses, and international fall-de-ral and daring escapes. This affair was one of the events which contributed to Romania being known for dramatic love affairs, spice, and mystery.

In honor of such a wild affair (by the way, they were finally married when Carol fled to Mexico to escape the invasion of the Axis powers during WWII), toasted Saigon cinnamon is combined with marzipan paste of almonds, American red raspberries, and the flakiest of buttery shortbread crust into a treat fit for a king in bed with his lover while his wife (the luckless Princess Helena) spies through a keyhole. The result has a fetchingly roseate part to it Foody, spicy, fun and plenty of it.

Please note that this perfume will irritate those who are irritated by cinnamon. If you fall into that category, you might want to pass this one by. Perfume should be made to please, not cause unhappiness. 

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