Eleanor of Aquitaine Perfume Oil



The most powerful Queen of the Middle Ages. Once Queen of France and then Queen of England, she lived on a grand scale. One of the few women to go on a crusade, she accompanied her first husband, Louis VII of France, to the Levant then divorced him on their return and married a man 9 years younger than she, Henry Plantagenet. At first their marriage was a happy and passionate one with 8 children born. Later, Eleanor’s peppery personality grated on Henry rather than titillated him and he had her imprisoned for 16 years after she demonstrated her disdain for him by backing one of their son’s attempts to overthrow his father. The scent of greenery outdoors combined with a whiff of bitter gall, a bit of earth, a smidge of animalic musk and it is very much like a well needed roll in the hay. Lively and naughty.

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