Dropper Caps for Perfume Oil Bottles


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We have been asked to bring back the dropper caps as an accessory which you can buy and put on your Possets bottles. It is a gadget which screws over the mouth of your bottle and has a little spout which allows you to upend your bottles and get one drop of Possets out at a time. If you should tip over your bottle, all of your perfume will not run out at once either. The overcap fits well (though not as leakproof as the black caps we use now when we ship to you).

This is a great accessory for you if you plan to keep your bottles at home and want to dispense one drop at a time on your skin or in your scent burners. Very useful if you like to put a drop or two in your hair, on your pillow, on your partner!

We offer these caps only in black for $0.50 each


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