Drama Queen Perfume Oil


A trunk without a head walk in like manner As walked the others of the mournful herd. And by the hair it held the head dissevered, Hung from the hand in fashion of a lantern,

Nothing stirs up discord like a Drama Queen, and how much more dramatic can you get than when you totally lose your head? Dark and heavy stuff deserves a very dark and wild perfume. Black fig and a hint of hemp. Dark galbanum and a side of black fern. A small amount of a tarry black musk blend. Wildly sexy, the kind of thing to stir up a ruckus. Wear this if you want to be noticed.


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  1. Melissa

    This is another one of those scents where the sum is greater than it’s parts. It’s blended so well that it’s hard to pick out the individual notes. It’s a very dark yet perfumey scent. It’s not for everyone but if you dig the listed notes then I highly recommend giving this one a try. I love to combine this with Damned If You Don’t and The Scent of Night.

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