Dracula Rising (Tomney) Perfume Oil


Dark, dark, dark. The scent of earth (from Transylvania), combined with the blackest fig, and black aged Patchouli. Then a layer of the most lovely black sandalwood. This is the way that the dark prince himself must smell. Ravishing, dangerous, silky, strong, and irresistible. For all of its beauty, Dracula Rising has a slightly astringent edge that is perfectly in keeping with the prick of the fang on soft yielding neck flesh.


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2 reviews for Dracula Rising (Tomney) Perfume Oil

  1. E.E.

    Out of the bottle it’s dark dark earth with just a tiny hint of sweetness, perfect for a decaying grave. On me it becomes a bright and slightly spicey patchouli. It’s absolutely in my top 5 all time Favorite possets

  2. Melissa (verified owner)

    Both out of the bottle and immediately on my skin Dracula has a camphor note in it that reminds me of Solstice Scents Foxcroft. It’s very atmospheric. At first I thought it could possibly be lavender but on second thought that’s not it. Maybe I’m smelling the “slightly astringent edge” here? As it wears on the camphorated note fades away and the black fig and sandalwood come to the forefront. The patchouli isn’t really jumping out at me here, it’s more of an accompaniment to the scent as a whole. It’s definitely not a screechy patchouli but more n the smooth mellow side. Instead of the earth note my nose is picking up the smell of fallen decaying leaves. At this point, something in Dracula reminds me of both the Scent of Night and Funeral Dirge. I’m wondering if all three contain violet leaf. Dracula eventually settles into a predominantly perfumed black fig with an interesting atmospheric soil note in the background. All throughout wear I smell fallen leaves on the ground and the soil note doesn’t appear on my skin until the final stage. If you like the black fig in this I’d recommend trying out The Whirlwind of Lust as well. The fig note is stellar. All in all, I’d call Dracula a perfumed atmospheric on my skin. Dracula also reads as kind of chypre-like on my skin until the final stage of this perfume oil. This was a blind buy but I knew from the notes listed that Dracula would be a winner for me.

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